About Us


My name is Phil DeMarco and I am the owner of D&L Cabinets, Inc., a small family “owned and operated” Commercial cabinet company in Graham, NC.  I have been involved with supplying and manufacturing  Architectural Casework & Millwork for over 35 years.

I went to college with the intent of becoming an architect.  After college I had a couple of jobs in the construction industry in various capacities, then I began a partnership with 3 other gentlemen forming what became a medium-sized (60 man) commercial cabinet shop located in Anaheim, CA not too far from where we lived in Yorba Linda.  After 20 years of owning & operating Millcraft, Inc.- where I was in charge of the drafting dept., estimators, & project managers - I “sold out” to the 3 partners to move to Graham, NC with my wife Liz and 2 sons Dominic and Louis.

D&L Cabinets, Inc. is a commercial cabinet manufacturer that specializes in custom casework, millwork, and plastic laminate & solid surface countertops.  Our main focus of work covers several fields such as: Doctors’ Offices, Dental Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Laboratories, and Business Offices.  We primarily provide plastic laminate casework, especially for the medical industry. 

Quality is what D&L Cabinets Inc. is all about.  Our casework construction is of the highest quality and close tolerances that modern software and machinery can provide.  We run “state-of-the-art” machinery and employ highly trained craftsmen that have had one-on-one training to ensure our clients the best possible product that we can provide.  

D&L Cabinets Inc. is a “fully certified” AWI cabinet manufacturer and we pride ourselves on being able to provide quality casework with construction methods that are equal those of national manufacturers like LSI, TMI, and Northway Industries, Inc..  We are a certified solid surface countertop fabricator for the following products: Corian, Formica, Gibraltar, and Staron.

We are a small company of 16 employees which allows management with a combined 50 years of experience to keep a watchful eye over all the details that are necessary to complete your project successfully.